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11 Clarifying Face Cleansers for Tackling Breakouts & Heavy Makeup

At this point, we’ve tackled winter skin care from all angles. We know how important a moisturizer made with ingredients that literally shield our top layers from the winter elements is. And though we wholly appreciate a routine that doesn’t require using upward of five different products, we’ve also been schooled on the best combinations — all of which include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer — for every skin type.

However, what remains is one small but important necessity: a cleanser that succeeds in removing full-coverage makeup in one fell swoop. We’re well aware there aren’t rules when it comes to foundation and the season; how much and how often one decides to wear it doesn’t depend on the weather.

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At the same time, we do notice an increased interest in full-coverage this time of year, when the cold can often leave us with duller complexions, redness and sensitivities directly tied to winter weather. So naturally, we need both a makeup remover and clarifying cleanser that’ll ensure we don’t fall asleep in our makeup and risk having blemishes on top of it all. The best ones are made with both exfoliating properties and ingredients that can deeply penetrate the skin to draw up dirt and grime without irritation.

White and black clay, charcoal and alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, citric, malic) are just a few of the hard-hitting ingredients that come to mind. Combined with hydrators like glycerin and aloe, you’re armed with daily formulas that leave you fresh-faced without sacrificing all your skin’s natural nutrients. See 11 of the best-rated clarifying face cleansers ahead.


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