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11 Tech Gifts That Didn’t Exist Last Year

When it comes to gift giving, there are so many ways to go. Some people love receiving clothes; others just want new experiences. DIY gifts can often go a long way too, as can inexpensive but super-thoughtful souvenirs and mementoes. All of that said, there are certain people for whom only the latest high-tech gadget will do.

The problem is these techies probably know a whole lot more about tech than you do, which makes it pretty hard to find a gift that will actually excite them. To make it easier to narrow things down, we’ve pulled together some of the best tech gifts you can give this year, all of which came out in 2018. Some are new and improved models of an existing gizmo, like the third-generation Echo Dot and the GoPro Hero7. Others are totally new to market, like the Facebook Portal and the Relay screen-free smartphone. They also hit a variety of price points, starting at just $50.

Here are 11 fun, impressive tech gifts that didn’t exist last year for the most tech-savvy people on your holiday gift list.

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