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93 Cool Nail Design Tutorials to Keep You Busy (& Polished) All Winter

Have you ever heard of cuffing season? It’s when you grab a partner and hunker down for the frosty months of November, December, January and February. And there’s a reason why exists: It’s because winter is cold and boring AF, so there’s nothing else to do but settle in with another human to keep you company.

But what do you do when cuffing season just doesn’t sound that appealing this year? You keep yourself occupied by doing your nails, like, every single day. Seriously though, you can only read so many books by the fire — but settling down with a a grip of nail polish and harnessing your creativity never gets old. Plus, your Instagram will be popping after you post 90-plus days of fresh nail art. 

We’ve rounded up a collection of 93 of our favorite DIYs. Have a ball, baby.

Updated 10/23/2017.

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