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11 Under-the-Radar Skin Care Products Experts Recommend for Winter

Winter is no longer coming…. It’s arrived, and all we have to say is, “Brrrrrr, it’s cold in here.” (We can’t resist a Bring It On reference.) Yes, we agree it’s the best season for flaunting our fiercest fashion, but it’s also the most problematic time of year for our skin. It can’t decide if it wants to be oily or dry, covered in blemishes or clear as day or an unpredictable combination of them all.

And unless you’re extremely good about keeping up with doctors’ appointments, the chances of your having a tailor-made routine from a skin care professional are slim to none. Well, fear not, because we’ve got a handful of under-the-radar product recommendations from skin care experts who know all about those all-too-common skin care woes. From facial oils to pricey moisturizers and drugstore serums, here’s what they suggest trying on for size.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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