America’s Next Top Model casting news

America’s Next Top Model is looking for talent and heading back to New York City after a disastrous first visit. This time around there is plenty of rules, so follow them to the letter and you could be starring on the next cycle of this CW series.

Remember, this time around they’re accepting shorter women so the vertically challenged need certainly apply!

America’s Next Top Model audition details

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 casting call:Tyra and America's Next Top Model await youSaturday, April 11
The Penn Plaza Pavilion located at the Hotel Pennsylvania
401 7th Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10001-2062
(Entrance is on 33rd street between 6th and 7th)Registration will begin at 7:00am.Previously Announced Audition Rules and Guidelines:1. No lining up overnight and no lining up prior to 6:00am. Registration will begin at 7:00am. These times may be amended at Producer’s discretion.2. Proof of age is required to enter the line. Acceptable identification must include picture and birth date.3. Colors of wristbands indicate when your scheduled audition time will be.
If your scheduled audition time is several hours or more from the time that you receive your wristband, then we encourage you to leave and come back.4. Only women applying should stand in line. If someone is just short of being 18, she can have one guardian with her. Please note that you must turn 18 by April 15, 2009 to audition.5. Please make sure that you have everything you need to audition before you get into any line (for wristbands, etc.). You will only be allowed one bag that can fit comfortably on your lap inside the venue. This will be enforced by security.6. No jumping in line or holding places in advance for others but it’s okay if you’re going to the restroom or getting food and water. You’re not guaranteed to be allowed back in line. Be courteous to others around you.7. Casting staff will give special instructions for the disabled.8. Once in the venue, no ins and outs.9. Only one audition per open call – do not try again if you’ve been cut.10. Casting staff wearing official ANTM gear outside the venue may ask you for information in advance but be careful who you talk to and avoid anyone trying to charge you anything to participate.11. We reserve the right to change or add to these rules as needed.

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