Forgetting Sarah Marshall is not easy with a DVD this good

The guys who brought audiences The 40-year-old Virgin and Knocked Up have done it again in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a comedy that will have you falling off your chair with laughter.

A love story gone hilariously wrong

Peter thinks he has it all. A beautiful girlfriend who’s the star of the television show where he also serves as the composer. Then, just as he realizes he wants more out of life professionally, Sarah Marshall shows up to tell him there is someone else and the Peter and Sarah show has been cancelled.

Sarah Marshall proves difficult to forget

Jason Segal of How I Met Your Mother fame is perfect in the role of Peter. His hilarious vulnerability in the face of his first big break up is cinematic comedic bliss. Opposite Sarah as played by Kristen Bell, the duo lies at the heart of the film that comically looks at life after a traumatic break up and succeeds on many levels.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD is a three-disc set that even includes a digital copy of the film to download onto iTunes or Windows Media Player. The initial disc showcases both the feature film and the unrated home video version. Disc number three continues the special features that make this DVD a must-have for the collection.

Russell rocks!

Crystal clear comedy

Deleted scenes are standard for DVD releases, but in a comic masterpiece as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, these are true gems. What also works so well in the film is how Bell’s character is a television star on a program called Crime Scene. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD also includes numerous fake previews for her “hit show” that didn’t make the theatrical version’s cut. They are hilarious, particularly Billy Baldwin’s portrayal of a William Peterson-type CSI cop.

Stealing the entire movie is Russell Brand as an apparently clueless British rocker who has more insight than meets the eye. Stealing Sarah Marshall was just something his rock star does without giving thought to the boyfriend at home who is hurting. After his not-so-great performance at the MTV VMAs, it is fantastic to see Brand is not a one-trick pony.

Hawaiian hilarity

When the film truly takes off is after the break up when both Peter and Sarah, separately without the other’s knowledge, head to the same Hawaiian hotel to move on. She is with her new beau and Peter is by himself. Watching Brand in his brilliance is such joy. His verbal comic jostles are a perfect foible for Segal’s whoa-is-me Peter. Imagine the pain of watching your ex gallivanting with a rock star as you’re getting over the actual break up.

Only an actor of Brand’s madness could pull off what needs to be done in order for this love triangle to work. The triangle could become a square with the addition of Mila Kunis’ hotel worker who may or may not have a crush on Peter. Watching her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall has us forgetting all about That ’70s Show! She is a treat.

The two women of Sarah Marhsall, Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell

Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s casting, script and direction is brilliant. Having the DVD to see how all those magical pieces came together is a priceless piece of movie marvel.

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