Spicing things up

It’s inevitable – after being together for a year, two, or more you and your lover are bound to just make love the regular way. No one knows why it happens, it just does. If you’re lucky, it will happen later rather than sooner. If you’re already in that blah state of love-making in the traditional sense (i.e. missionary style a couple of hours after dinner and before sleep), don’t worry, solutions abound.

You may not try all of these suggestions; some may prove to be more organic than others. At either case, you and your partner will benefit. If not, maybe you should start looking for another partner (just kidding). Find a solution that works for you. For starters, consider:

Playing Dress-Up

As silly as it may feel, stepping out of the realm of reality really can spice things up. Either you can dress up, he can dress up, or both. Doing so can will probably satisfy some wild fantasy you and your partner never even thought of. Odds are the spark will stay alive long after that night because the memory will stick with you.

Go on a Date

That’s too easy, I know, but some of you couples really have forgotten this option. You work all day, slave over a stove to make dinner, then hit the sack. Of course romance is bound to die if you keep on following the same routine over and over. Spice things up by taking yourself out of habit.

Get Drunk

Oh yes, remember those days? Give yourselves one night away from the kids, work and your other obligations. Get buzzed with your sweetie. Lost inhibitions and giddiness will take hold making for a spectacular night. Be careful — don’t drink too much or you’ll find yourself sick, not sexy.

Eat Oysters

Although there is no scientific fact that oysters actually cause arousal, many claim that it’s an aprhrodisiac. Next time you and your beau want to get busy, go to a good seafood restaurant for dinner and order some. If you’re not an oyster fan, go home and listen to Depeche Mode, another supposed aphrodisiac.

Take a Bath

All you need are bath salts, candles and romantic music. Sit in the tub together and relax. Not only does this make for one romantic night, the aromatherapy and soothing warm water will de-stress you and your partner. You’ll feel super-sexy, stress-free, and at ease — which coincidently are the ingredients to hot sex.

Watch Porn Together

Another way of spicing things up is by spicing up what’s on your television. You may feel uncomfortable to do so, but watching pornography together can be really fun. You and your lover can either make fun of who’s on the video (a bonding experience for you two) or get some new ideas.

Make Out in Public

Get ready to hear, “Get a room!” from innocent bystanders. But, who cares! You two owe it to each other to show off your spicy love life. Make everyone jealous about your infatuation for one another. It’ll feel like your first date again! Reminiscing and reminding yourselves why you got together in the first place can be just the thing to spice things up.


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