Be passionately plum and gorgeously gray this season

As I am always willing to look for an excuse to buy new shoes, updating for seasonal colors is a great way of adding flavor into your wardrobe each season.

Purple and Gray Shoes
I needed some pointers though. (Never go shopping unarmed!) stylist, Tracy Ogden, was kind enough to give us the scoop on the hottest finds this fall.

Infuse a shot of color into your outfits

“Purple is definitely THE color this fall, especially for accessories. Whether you’re wearing jeans, a black suit or a grey dress, purple shoes or a handbag will infuse a nice shot of color into your outfit,” Tracy says. She points out women primarily wear dark and/or neutral colors in the winter, so a purple accessory is a great addition to what ordinarily might be a bland looking outfit.In an effort to better do my job, I decided to undergo the (stressful) tasks of adding some sexy new shoes to my wardrobe, and trying them out…and thus, I have found the hottest ways to dress your feet in these shades. Oh DEER! Women’s Dot Pump: I truly believe these shoes embody the very core of my soul.  In fact, when I first saw them on (at a steal of a price for this brand), I immediately sent a mass email out to all my girl friends.They are crafted from patent leather, have a festive two-tone design and feature a t-strap dotted with tiny metallic stud accents and a narrow buckled ankle strap. The satiny hot pink lining and contrast stiletto heel complete this stand-out look. Now, pink, dots, AND rocker chick hotness, all in a highly fashionista package? It’s ME. If i was a shoe.”We saw a resurgence of grey suits last fall and designers took that and ran with it, which is why we’re seeing a huge amount of accessories in grey by every brand offered in every price point. What’s great about grey is that it goes with anything but still offers a conservative feel and is a nice departure from black. Grey booties are an excellent addition to any outfit. They go well with everything from jeans to a dress and translate really well from day to night easily,” Tracy says. Another great find for my personal wardrobe is T.U.K. Women’s Pinstripe Heel. While the last shoe embodied the core of my soul, I think these are just plain old super cute! They are just eclectic enough to make me feel unique (which is the true definition of fashionista, I think…), and pinstripe is always hot. In fact, menswear-inspired fashions are another “it” look of the season.Nine West Women’s Huilio Peep Toe Pump: My shoe wheel runneth over with Mary Janes, and it’s for good reason – this is the most classic style of shoe in any style maven’s closet, and this shoe offers it with a sexy twist that I can’t get enough of. It’s peep-toe – another HUGE look of the season – and has an embossed leather or smooth satin upper and a thick center strap complete with lace-up detailing. It’s somehow BOTH classic and contemporary.

Booties and shooties

Botkier Women's Nikki BootLets turn back to Tracy. “Last year ankle booties (or shooties) and slouchy suede boots were hugely successful and that trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We received a huge response from our customers last fall regarding bootie style requests and our bootie selection had the highest number of customer reviews than any other styles last fall. In addition, now that they’ve been around a while we’re seeing a huge variation this time around with color, detail additions like zippers and multiple fabrics on one style fusing patent leather and suede.”While a little on the pricey side, I personally am in love with the fringe-happy Botkier Women’s Nikki Boot — it screams Boho rock. And Betsey Johnson’s Tobi Suede Animal Print Ankle Boot, available at, makes my heart stop. (In a good way.)Tracy’s advice will help us put our best foot forward this season…but remember, trends are what we make of them. Find what makes you feel sexy – and then the rest of the world will follow your every step.


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