Survivor: Micronesia review and preview

This season may turn out to be one of the best after all. From the first two episodes, I wasn’t impressed. First by the selection of some of the past survivors, this (in my opinion) was not a thrilling choice, and second, by the hype of Johnny Fairplay (obviously overrated). But now since he’s gone, I can get off that soapbox and watch the real game unfold.


Last night’s episode showed who to really watch in this game. I have to give credit to Cirie. She’s playing a much different game than her first time out in the game. At first, we didn’t see a lot of Cirie in the first two episodes, but last night made up for it.

She was outstanding in convincing one of the two alliances vying for her vote to go against their original choice and vote with her. I thought she was going to be the one heading out of the game. I really thought that the two separate alliances would come together and target Cirie because she took control of the game at that moment. Actually, they gave her control of the game. I expected Jonathan to play much smarter and somehow turn the tables on Cirie. But it didn’t happen. This was so reminiscent of Survivor: All Stars when Boston Rob convinced Lex Vandenberg and Kathy O’Brien to keep Amber in the game (Rob’s only ally). And it paid off because Amber and Rob went to the end taking the million and second place. To top it off, they got married.

One vote that surprised me was that Ami did not vote with her alliance of Jonathan, Eliza, and Yau-Man. She actually voted off the beaten path and targeted Cirie. I’m wondering if she’s just voting her conscious or if there’s strategy behind that vote. What ever the case, I’m sure it will come out eventually.

Now to last nights show.

The fans returned back to camp after the stunner vote that sent Mary home. Of course Mikey would not rest without knowing what happened. Mikey was convinced that Joel was the culprit who masterminded Mary’s eviction. Giving Joel a piece of his mind, Mikey would not rest until the same demise that Mary encountered happened to Joel.

At the Favorites camp, Eliza and Cirie were having a powwow with Ozzy, Amanda, James and Parvati. Trying to give them viable reasons for aligning with them, Eliza listened attentively, but was not budging from her alliance. Cirie, on the other hand, had a different motive. While Cirie was on the fence on who she was going to side with, Eliza wondered if Cirie would swing over and align herself with the lovebirds. Cirie stated, “I’m still trying to figure out which side is better for me.”


Arriving to Challenge Beach Jeff Probst told the tribe mates they would be involved in hand to hand combat. Each team would try to get their 3 heavy bags through a large watery playing field and into their team zone. The other team would try to wrestle the bags from the other team. The first team to have five bags in their zone would win a choice of three items from a Survivor catalog.

As both teams wrestled, pulled, tugged and exhausted all energy they had to snatch the other teams bags, it was the Favorites who had enough energy to pull off the victory. They chose to send Kathy back to Exile Island. Ami from the Favorites volunteered to go with Kathy.

Back at camp, Cirie observed her tribe mates plotting and strategizing. Cirie said, “I have to look at every option or every scenario that could possibly happen.” Later, Amanda and Parvati took Cirie out on the boat to talk about her choices. Listening to them, Cirie agreed to align with Amanda and Parvati. Looking on from the beach, Jonathan and Eliza wondered if Cirie was siding with the ladies. Eliza frantically stated, “I hope she doesn’t fall for their garbage.”

At Exile Island, Ami easily traced the clues to where Cirie and Kathy left off when Kathy came to Exile Island with Cirie. Unfortunately, their journey was cut short as the tide crept in forcing them to head back over to the other island.

As night fell on the camps, so did a torrential down pour of rain. The Fans were absolutely miserable. Their small shelter provided no comfort or protection from the rain. The Favorites were much more protected as they were able to use the tarp they won in the Reward Challenge to keep them dry.

Waking up the next morning, the Fans beach was ruined by the rain. “Last night was probably the worst night I’ve had since we’ve been here,” complains Joel. “We feel like we got beat up twice yesterday, once by the other tribe and once by nature.” Huddled up between Chet’s arms, a tearful Alexis hoped her team could regain confidence to pull off a huge upset in the next challenge.

Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge consisted of four team members holding up a large basket as the other team tossed coconuts into the basket. The team that could hold on to their basket without releasing the ropes would win Immunity. The rope holders for the Favorites were Cirie, James, Jonathan and Parvati and for the Fans were Joel, Erik, Tracy, and Natalie. Alternating throwing coconuts, the Fans took the lead. At first it appeared that the Favorites would win the challenge easily. Suddenly, the Fans tossed more and more coconuts into the Favorites basket. Eventually the weight of the basket began to show on the faces of the Favorites and within minutes, the Favorites released the ropes dropping the basket. The Fans had won Immunity.

Preparing for Tribal Council, Cirie informed Amanda and Parvati that she wanted her new alliance to vote out Yau-Man because he would be unbeatable at the end and because he’s a strong mental treat. In order to keep the peace, Amanda and Parvati informed James and Ozzy of the plan change. Of course Ozzy and James couldn’t believe how the control had shifted from them to Cirie. As Jonathan wondered where he stood with Cirie, he made his way to the intimate conversation that Cirie was having with the other alliance and confronted Cirie. Jonathan exploded, but Cirie kept a calm head in front of everyone.

Prior to Tribal Council, Ozzy pleaded with Cirie to vote for Eliza over Yau-man, but Cirie would not budge. Obviously frustrated with the turn of events, James stated, “She (Cirie) went from the swing vote to the one who’s deciding what’s going on for the whole group; that can’t happen.”

Tribal Council

During a very heated Tribal Council, Cirie stood her ground as Jonathan threw several daggers her way. He even ousted her as a member of his alliance and calling her out for flip-flopping sides so early in the game. But Cirie, with a cool head, defended herself knowing she was the wildcard in both alliances.

In the end, Cirie was not only victorious, but got her way as the alliance of Ozzy, Amanda, Parvati and James grudgingly sided with her. With a sarcastic grin on her face, Cirie was able to single-handedly turn the game around. Great move Cirie!

I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite you in the butt.


If the Favorites tribe was smart, they would make an agreement to blindside Cirie. Cirie has definitely shown some guts this season and if the others don’t wakeup to her game play, they will see her in the winners circle.

I predict the Favorites will win another reward challenge, but fall in the next Immunity Challenge. Parvati, Eliza or Kathy will be the next to go.

Until next week.


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