Lindsay Lohan crowned Queen of the Razzies

Just as the Oscars provide us with a checklist of what films to see, the Razzie Awards provide a list of what movies we shouldn’t waste our time on.

Lohan gets razzedThe 28th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards were announced on Saturday, February 23. The big “winner” was Lindsay Lohan’s stripper/slasher mess “I Know Who Killed Me.” Receiving eight Razzies out of its nine nominations, “I Know Who Killed Me” beat the previous record for most wins held by “Showgirls.”

Quite an impressive achievement for all involved.

Here is a complete list of Razzie “winners”:

Worst Picture: “I Know Who Killed Me”
Worst Actor: Eddie Murphy (as Norbit) in “Norbit”
Worst Actress (TIE): Lindsay Lohan (as Aubrey) and Lindsay Lohan (as Dakota) in “I Know Who Killed Me”
Worst Supporting Actress: Eddie Murphy (as Rasputia) in “Norbit”
Worst Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy (as Mr. Wong) in “Norbit”
Worst Screen Couple: Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan in II Know Who Killed Me”
Worst Remake or Rip-off: “I Know Who Killed Me”
Worst Prequel or Sequel: “Daddy Day Camp”
Worst Director: Chris Siverston for “I Know Who Killed Me”
Worst Screenplay: “I Know Who Killed Me” written by Jeffrey Hammond
Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie: “I Know Who Killed Me”

Though Lindsay Lohan has never really had very much credibility as a serious actress, it seems as though “I Know Who Killed Me” may have also killed her career and dreams of winning an Oscar.


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