Survivor: Micronesia review and preview

It must really be horrible to have the rug pulled from under ones feet and not have a clue that the majority of the team changed the game plan and targeted you?

Survivor charges aheadHow upsetting, embarrassing and frustrating something like that could be. Well that’s exactly what happened to Mary, the lady from Northern California had to sat Tribal Council and endure watching her name come up over and over again sending her home. Not only was she stunned, but her partner in crime and snuggle-buddy Mikey looked on in disbelief. Haven’t these folks learned anything from previous seasons? One Taboo in this game is to establish “love-connection” or “strong alliances” unless their discreet. Yes, that may have worked for Rob and Amber, but that was a fluke. I guess the Fans forgot to Tivo those episodes. Now to last weeks show. Coming back to camp after voting out Johnny Fairplay, Ozzy snatched a fish from the water and the team enjoyed a midnight dinner. Trying not to underestimate the Fans, the Favorites believed their food fortune could be positive for them in future challenges. The next morning at the Fans camp, there was obvious separating between the older tribe mates consisting of Chet, Tracy and Kathy and the younger crew. Chet and a few others spent countless hours trying to start fire with the flint they got from winning the challenge. Getting fed up with the fire situation; Kathy decided to start working on reconstructing their shelter. But the remaining seven tribe mates chose to erect a shelter near a small cave. Not doing a great job on their shelter, but impressed with Tracy’s handy work, the younger crew asked her for some advice. Still feeling like an outsider, Tracy felt more resourceful to the tribe. Unfortunately, there was still division. Back at the Favorites camp, love was still blooming between Amanda and Ozzy. Not only were they inseperable, but they were almost sickening. Even Parvati and James continued their flirting ways with each other. Looking on, Cirie stated, “I don’t know how, just yet, to dismantle that foursome, but I’m gonna try.” As night fell on the camps, Ozzy and Amanda got more cozy than normal. Not only were they locking lips like two leeches, but they fondled one another as if they were in their own little Love Shack. Jonathan and Cirie sat next to the fire wondering how they (Amanda and Ozzy) could even go that far on an island with bad breath (smile). Reward/Immunity Challenge

The tribes met once again at Challenge beach to compete in a very familiar challenge. One at a time team mates had to swim out to a floating platform, climb to the top, grab a mallet, break the tile that housed a key, retrieve the key in the water and swim back. The first team to retrieve all keys, unlock the trunk and complete a puzzle would win Immunity and a Reward of fishing tackle. As the game began, the Favorites took a commanding lead. Then it was Chet’s turn to swim for the Fans. Unfortunately, he spent a substantial amount of time trying to locate the key in the water which caused the Fans to fall way behind. Before they knew it, the Favorites had won the challenge. For winners the Favorites had to choose one person from the Fans to head off to Exile Island. They chose Kathy. But the other twist to the game was that the Favorites had to send someone from their team to go with Kathy. Cirie volunteered to go for her team. At Exile Island, Kathy gawked over Cirie like she was a rock star and was happy to be there with her. Their happiness soon changed to strategy and they began searching for the hidden immunity idol. Reading a series of clues they found during their scavenger hunt only made them more frustrated and determined to find the idol. Unfortunately nightfall suspended their search. Back at the Fans camp, immediately it was agreed that Chet would be the one to head home. Mikey spent the next few hours plotting how strategically to vote out one of the older tribe mates. It became so annoying to Joel, that he too devised his own plan to target Mary thus breaking up the Mikey/Mary alliance. Talking to Chet, Kathy and Tracy, Joel informed them of his plan. Of course they were all for it. Tribal Council As the votes were read at Tribal Council, Mary could do absolutely nothing but sit there and hear her name. It appeared that the only two people not aware of the vote were Mikey and Mary. In a 6-to-4 vote, Mary was the first Fan voted out of Survivor: Micronesia. Conclusion… My advice in this game is simple, don’t get too comfortable in the game of Survivor, always keep your ear to the ground and finally play a hard game, but never, never be surprised if or when you are the one heading home. Until next week.


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