Gary Coleman gets married

What are you talking about Willis? Gary Coleman has married.

Gary Coleman is a married manThe star of the ’80s sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes” announced his marriage to the world today. Coleman was apparently married over the summer and has only decided to tell the world about it someone asked. It only took that long!

Shannon Price is the 22 year-old bride who married on that most recent birthday to the actor who has had his share of troubles since his show went off the air.

Coleman has said he kept the marriage under wraps because he did not want to hurt his bride’s building eBay career. Now this is interesting because the child actor had a pair of pants of his on eBay that was widely reported because of its astronomical initial asking price of $400,000.

Price was the eBay whiz who negotiated the $500 Coleman received for his sweat pants from late night host Jimmy Kimmel.


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