Paley pays tribute and a riveting 20/20

Although news seems to be pointing to a writer’s strike resolution, this still may not mean you’ll get any new installments of your favorite shows.

What they can do with the time left in the filming season is still very up in the air.

Did you see Friday’s episode of “Friday Night Lights?”

They’re back in fine form with an episode that showed us how easy it is to fall from grace. Smash went from the king of the Panthers to a boy with no future and even I felt sorry for him. Still, he rallied and gave his team the pep talk of a lifetime. Maybe there’s a coaching position in Smash’s future. And Matt, poor Matt! Everybody leaves him. So, so sad.

Wedding cake madness on the Food Network

Over the weekend, I tuned in to the marathon of wedding cake bakery on Food Network. This stuff is crazy with a spoon! I cannot believe the hours and hours of intricate work that goes into creating a work of art that will eventually be eaten. These people aren’t only talented, they have nerves of steel as well! I know my heart couldn’t stand the strain of having to transport a delicate cake from Sri Lanka to Oklahoma to compete in a cake show.

Next weekend, Food Network is having a Chocolate Challenge marathon — buy two bags of Hershey’s kisses and keep them to yourself as you watch these culinary artists make magic with chocolate.


It is a big night for TV. Fox has all-new “Prison Break” and “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” against an hour and a half semi-final episode of “American Gladiators” on NBC. The CW and CBS are mostly comedy repeats, but ABC may win the night. They have “Dance War” followed by a special “20/20” that looks that the breaking news in the Natalie Holloway case – is there a taped confession?

This case just keeps getting stranger and stranger.


– “Lipstick Jungle” fans, check out the online edition of Bonfire Magazine!
– Knight Rider gets ready to launch the Ford Knight Rider Giveaway Sweepstakes 
– SCI FI Channel readies a fourth season of Doctor Who for April, along with the spin-off series Sarah Jane Chronicles
– The Paley Festival in Los Angeles announced the line-up of shows that will be honored in this year’s PaleyFest. Included are “Gossip Girl,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Chuck,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Mad Men” and a “Buffy” reunion.


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