Caring for shoes and boots: Footwear care tips

Shoes can cost a small fortune, so taking care of your shoes and boots is very important to help them last through many seasons. Here are few basic tips that you should follow to keep your footwear looking as good as new.

  1. Ariat BootsShoes with thin heels (like stilettos) or pointed toes need to be checked more often than other shoes because your weight is centered on such a small area, which means that they tend to wear more quickly. Check the soles every few months and get heel tips replaced if necessary.
  2. Leather soles wear particularly quickly in wet conditions if they’re not waterproofed, so take precautions by using waterproof sprays and other protective products.
  3. Protect smooth leather shoes with a clear polish only. Tinted polish may discolor leather if the shade is not perfectly matched.
  4. Use a protective spray on suede shoes and remove any scuff marks with a suede block. A suede block can also be used on Nubuck shoes. If the suede is flattened, use a suede brush to revive the surface.
  5. If you have purchased snakeskin or other authentic skin shoes, use a spray especially formulated for genuine skins to protect the surface. Try to avoid using cleaning products at all, except in desperate cases. Clean with a very soft, dry cloth.
  6. Patent leather is very popular right now. Use a patent gloss spray to both protect and shine patent leather.
  7. For sheepskin boots, use a suitable spray as recommended by the shoe manufacturer or retailer. The fur side should only be cleaned with a very mild soapy water, and be sure not to saturate it.

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