Ask Dr Laura: Men & honesty, Support for weight loss

Dear Dr Laura: How do I ask my husband to help, encourage, support, etc. me in my weight loss efforts?

Answer: Most men are scared out of their minds to comment or get involved in any way with issues concerning their woman’s weight and shape. You have to admit, we female-types are very sensitive about our looks (especially with respect to weight) and get angry no matter what they say in answer to, “Do I look fat?”

Men do very well, however, with specific requests: ask him to go hiking, biking, walking, play tennis, etc., with you. That way, he is supporting you, but he’s in no danger (in his own mind) of making a suggestion and having you say, “You’re nagging!”

I’m sure that you’ll get lots of supportive feedback if you put your body (at any weight) into something sexy and asked him, “How do I look, baby?” while you’re dragging him into the bedroom. Trust me. Dear Dr Laura: If a man is not honest in a relationship, do you think he will ever change?

Answer: Once you know someone has low character, they should be disqualified in your mind from a relationship because the foundation of any relationship, much less one is which you become vulnerable and dependent (especially with children), is trust. You’d never know for sure that when his lips moved he was telling the truth.

Does that really seem like a smart thing to do when you consider that having children with such a man would put them in a risky situation for constant chaos, bitterness, and likely divorce?


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