Organic foods safer?

Organic foods are a fast-growing segment in the grocery store. But, whether they’re actually safer than other foods in the marketplace is debatable, said Fadi Aramouni with the Food Science Institute at Kansas State University.

For consumers concerned about possible pesticide residues, an organic food is less likely to have them. For those concerned about safety from a microbiological point of view, however, an organic food may – or may not – be the better choice, said Aramouni, who is a K-State Research and Extension food scientist. An organically grown crop can be just as subject as other foods to naturally-occurring bacteria in the environment, he explained.

More information on food safety and health is available at local or district K-State Research and Extension offices and on Extension’s food safety Web site: Information on choosing health-promoting foods is available at (click on “Nutrition and Health”).


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