February is heart health month

Naked Juice Introduces Two New Acai Juices To Their Antioxidant Line to Help Consumers Maintain a Heart Healthy Diet January 11, 2006 (Azusa, CA) ­ Consumers are taking the fight against heart disease, the number one killer of adults in the United States (affecting one in five Americans), to the grocery store aisles. According to statistics from the National Marketing Institute, eight out of ten shoppers are looking to prevent some sort of health condition with their food purchases, and heart disease tops the list.

Among these disease-fighting food purchases, super-premium juices, such as Naked(r) Juice, have sky-rocketed in popularity. Why: because fruit juice is known to promote elasticity of the arteries, better blood flow and healthy cholesterol levels. Naked Juice is ready to provide consumers with heart healthy beverages with their introduction of Rainforest Acai, Pomegranate Acai and the reformulated Red Machine.

The FDA and prominent institutions such as Harvard University have also promoted increased fruit and vegetable consumption for heart health related benefits. One study has shown that those who consumed eight or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day had a lower risk of heart disease compared to those who ate fewer than three servings.

Health experts recommend consuming a variety of fruits throughout the week, and Naked Juice is the perfect, convenient way to benefit from the best nutrition and flavor combinations available � including seven varieties that boast special good-for-the-heart benefits.

Every 15.2 oz bottle of Naked Juice packs a pound of all-natural fruit (equating to over two servings) with no added sugar and no preservatives. SEVEN NAKED JUICE FLAVORS GEARED FOR YOUR HEART New this February: The �power� fruit to watch in 2006 is the acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry with its blend of amino acids and essential omegas. Acai also contains high levels of flavanoids and polyphenols, potent antioxidants offering free radical zapping power. Furthermore, Acai berries contain 10-30 times the anthocyanins (purple colored antioxidants) of red wine. New from Naked Juice, just in time for Heart Health Month:

Naked Juice Rainforest Acai
Deliciously blended with apple, mango, banana and pineapple, Rainforest Acai provides the power of 180 acai berries in every bottle for powerful antioxidant benefits.

Naked Juice Pomegranate Acai
The ultimate in boosting antioxidant levels to naturally defend and protect your body against free radicals � the molecules that attack your cells and have a negative impact on health. Two pure pomegranates and over 100 acai berries make up this double-antioxidant-punch blend. You can actually hear your heart smiling over this one.

Also new: Naked Juice Red Machine, an antioxidant-packed smoothie, has been reformulated to include yet another antioxidant-filled fruit � pomegranate. Red fruit has been championed by heart health advocates, and Red Machine combines pomegranates with cranberries, strawberries and red grapes boosted with folic acid, flax seed, omega 3 and vitamin B6 to provide additional heart health benefits.

Naked Juice Pomegranate and Naked Juice Pomegranate Blueberry, newly introduced in October, offer the benefits of the “power fruits” pomegranate and blueberries, loaded with healthy antioxidants. Heart health conscious consumers have been increasingly clamoring for more pure pomegranate juice options as a heart �ber-food � and they’re onto something.

  • Preliminary research shows that pomegranate juice may contain almost three times the total antioxidant levels as compared to green tea or red wine.
  • Modern studies have also shown that 2 oz of pomegranate juice daily helps keep the cardiovascular system, including the arteries, healthy.

Naked Juice Chocolate Karma and Naked Juice Vanilla Chai, members of the Naked Juice Protein Family, both offer heart healthy benefits from soy protein � 21 grams per 15.2 oz bottle.

  • The FDA says that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol including 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Naked Juice line of super-premium juices is available at grocery and natural food stores throughout the U.S, including Whole Food Market, Albertson�s and Safeway stores at the suggested retail price of $2.59 to $3.49 per 15.2oz bottle depending on the variety. For more information about where to purchase Naked Juice, visit www.nakedjuice.com.


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