Announcing "Foodie Craze," the fun trivia game for food lovers

Gift givers stressing over the right gift for a special foodie friend now have a new option: Foodie Craze, the fun new trivia game just for foodies, now available at

Field tested in neighborhood gourmet clubs, Foodie Craze was designed to produce maximum laughs. In the collectible tin, players will find official rules, score sheets, and 400 amusing, and surprising multiple choice questions. Players expand their culinary horizons, relish laughs and savor the spirited conversation.

The creators of Foodie Craze say, “It’s a trivia game like you’ve never tasted before.” Foodie Craze questions are a buffet in 10 tantalizing categories. American Classics ladle out nostalgia for old brands and recipes. Innocents Abroad is a globe-hopping, ethnic smorgasbord. Libations is a romp though the wine country, with side trips to some breweries and coffee plantations.

Celebrations is about holidays and family feasts. Savory Scenes recalls your favorite tidbits from books, movies and sitcoms. Remember Aunt Bee and the pickles? Jerry Seinfeld’s black and white cookie? Extreme Cuisine is a “believe it or not” gallery of weird foods. La Technique is about gourmet cooking. Plus there’s more: Foodie Craze satisfies the most demanding appetite for fun.

In addition to the Foodie Craze trivia game, Trivia Craze LLC sponsors the Foodie Craze Forum, a free online community where foodies can gather to share laughs, trivia and recipes. Visitors to the company website can also download free gifts for foodies, including the Foodie Craze Thanksgiving Guide. Foodies are invited to visit and learn for themselves why folks are saying, “Foodie Craze is the essential ingredient for an evening of foodie fun.”


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