Musts for better sex

Truly good sex is much more about attitude than technique. Sometimes only a little adjustment needed to improve the act of making love. Here are four exercises you can try.

Tips for better sexAlthough a couple of these tips can be done when you’re alone, they are best practiced while making love with your partner.
1. Touch and be touched
The body is one big erogenous zone. Don’t focus your touching exclusively on the genitals, breasts or buttocks. Let your hands explore the more neglected areas for a greater impact on lovemaking. The feet, for instance, are highly sensitive to touch. To see how powerful this rule can be, the next time you make love, agree to go 30 minutes without touching the typical sexual areas of the body.

2. Encourage your partner
To prevent worrying about things like, “This won’t work,” or “I’m taking too long,” partners should cheer each other on by using positive statements such as, “I’m enjoying this, take as long as you want.”

3. Be in the moment
While making love, put all thoughts out of your head. Instead, focus on the sensations of your five senses. When you catch your mind drifting, bring it back to enjoy and appreciate this moment in time.

4. Never compare lovers
You’ve learned your sexual skills from your past lovers, but your partner doesn’t need to hear about your schooling. Concentrate on mastering your techniques with your current partner.


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