Pregnancy symptoms after tubal ligation?

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I had my tubes tied in May 2003. I recently have been experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms. I took two home pregnancy tests that came out negative. I went to see my doctor, who ran a long list of blood tests (including a pregnancy test). They all came out negative. I am still feeling the symptoms (fatigue, nausea, dizziness, uncomfortable laying on my belly, cravings, slight weight gain, and more). They are now trying to tell me that I am going through a nervous break-down. I am NOT going through a nervous breakdown! I feel very frustrated. What are the chances that one of the blood test was a false negative? What should I do? The expert answers:
I’m so glad that you are taking such good care of yourself and that you went to see a physician. If you are having the symptoms of pregnancy, it’s important to check for pregnancy even after having a tubal ligation. That’s because (rarely), you could still become pregnant after having your tubes tied. Moreover, often those pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies, which are implanted in the tube itself. Ectopic pregnancies are a serious medical condition that requires urgent medical attention.

It doesn’t sound like you have an ectopic pregnancy from what you’ve told me. I say that because you said that several pregnancy tests have been negative. Plus, you’ve been examined by a doctor.

It sounds to me like you may benefit from a second physician opinion. That’s not to say that your first doctor did anything wrong. But you are still having problems and the first doctor wasn’t able to determine the cause. Perhaps a second physician could approach your problems with a fresh attitude. The doctor will certainly want to conduct a through physical examination, with special focus on your abdomen and pelvic area. He/she may also want to perform some more blood tests. In addition to a pregnancy test, the doctor may also want to check for thyroid problems, diabetes and other hormonal imbalances that could be causing your symptoms. Occasionally, the doctor will also order an ultrasound to determine just exactly what is going on inside the abdomen and pelvis.

Don’t leave the doctor’s office until you feel that all of your concerns and questions have been addressed and answered.


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