Choosing the right body topping

When I’m not crusading as a soon-to-be sex therapist, I’m in my kitchen whipping up delicious, gourmet treats. I must say (and I’m not patting myself on the back too hard) I’m a wonderful chef. I guess that is part of the reason why I’m so picky about body toppings. Not only do you need to be mindful about where you use them, you also have to be careful of getting one that tastes disgusting.

Sampling of sexy body toppings

It seems that many of the cheaply-made body toppings in a bottle often have syrupy, heavy flavors that aren’t too appealing. Add in the stickiness factor, and a fun night of oral exploration becomes a disaster. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you find and use the right body topping.

1) Start with a small bottle

When picking out a body topping of choice, if you’ve never had the brand, start out small. If you fall in love with the body topping (whether it be oil, flavored lube or another treat) you can always go bigger later on.

2) Always make sure its safe

Most body toppings that are oils or lubes are safe on the most intimate female regions, but its best to know for sure. Sweet stuff — like food-based body toppings — can cause yeast infections when placed in the wrong spots, without proper cleansing afterward. That’s one thing you really won’t want to deal with (especially just for having one night of fun!), so always check out the ingredients and applications when buying a bottle of body topping.

3) Make your own if you can’t find something good

The average bottle of body topping is around $10. In my opinion, that’s a lot of money to sacrifice for something that might taste lousy, meaning you just will throw it away. As mentioned previously, you can use real food. One great substitute is sugar-free whipped cream with food coloring. You can make it any color you want, and since it’s sugar-free, it is safe for use nearly anywhere!

4) Attempt to smell it and shake it

If you are in a sex shop, you can try to smell the product before you buy it. It should have a safety seal (and if it doesn’t, don’t buy it), however, the scent might permeate through the seal on some of the body toppings you will buy. Also swish it around in the bottle. If it moves like sludge, I don’t recommend buying it. If it moves like water, it is going to be better then the thick, syrupy types of body topping.

5) Talk to a salesperson

Try to find out what the salesperson recommends. If they work in/for a sex shop, whether online or off, they should have some experience with what they like or what their customers seem to come back to buy again and again.

6) Experiment and enjoy!

You probably won’t hit on the perfect body topping for you and your partner on the first try — and that’s to be expected. But keep trying! And even if you do find a sexy topping that seems amazing, still keep experimenting with others to expand your repertoire.

About the body toppings featured at the top of the page…

First row, L to R:

  1. Naughty Secrets Dream Creme Sinful Desire Lickable Body Topping, Cotton Candy
  2. Doc Johnson Doc’s Cocktails – Mojito
  3. Kama Sutra Body Souffle, Chocolate Creme Brulee

Second row, L to R:

  1. Kama Sutra Lover’s Paintbox, Edible Body Chocolate
  2. Chocoholics Divine Desserts Chocolate Passion Body Powder
  3. Whipped Creme BodyTopping with Sprinkles

Note: Products are mentioned for illustration/information only, and does not imply endorsement.


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