Shocking study detailing women and their online dating habits

Using the web to find acceptable relationship partners is now as common as meeting your potential new man in the supermarket.

Online dating

If you don’t have time to go through the hassles of meeting men around town, using the Internet, and any number of dating services can help you to find someone that you never would have found without that help. Personally, as someone who found her future husband on the Internet, I have no problem with this sort of dating. What I do find shocking, however, is a new study out of Houston that states that the majority of women who meet their perspective boyfriends for the first time in a real time setting, will have sex with them on the first meeting!The study states that one in three women will have sex with a man they have just met, but have been chatting with on the Internet. What really bothered me was that 75% of these women will do so without using protection. Despite the fact that they know nothing of these men in a real-life setting and are willing to bypass condoms is frightening.Chatting with someone over a computer does not offer any security in the way of sexual health. Men need to be screened on the Internet and off the Internet once you meet them. Deciding to have sex sans protection should be something that comes with a lengthy discussion including sexual tests (to be sure that you’re both healthy) and plans of what will happen if you get pregnant. These are all things that need to be taken into consideration. There are women that have gotten diseases even from their husbands who have had affairs. When you consider how this is a very real possibility, hopefully it will make you seriously consider if having unprotected sex with a person you’re just meeting in the flesh is worth the risk. Besides: What’s the rush?


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