Smile when you e-mail that, partner!

E-mail is a major form of communication, and many of us use it numerous times a day. But do we ever think about what we actually say in those emails — and if we send them to people we casually know, does the tone of our e-mails make us sound like the people we really are? Doug C Grant offers some tips to make sure those e-mails are filled with warm fuzzies!

What words say about you
You’re busy. You’ve got a bunch of e-mails to send. You hit the keyboard. Wham…bam…out they go. Most go to people you don’t know or know only casually. WHOA!

Consider this. Every word in those e-mails is creating an image of who you are, particularly with those who don’t know you personally or know you only slightly.

What are your words saying about you? That you’re warm and personable? Or, that you’re curt, formal and indifferent?

Yeah, I hear you. E-mail is supposed to be a brief and fast medium of communication. You don’t have time to be warm and personable?


It’s easier than you think, and requires only five extra seconds. Less time than it takes to blow your nose. Some tips
Here’s what you do before writing an e-mail:

1. Image the person in your mind. If you don’t know them, imagine what they look like. So who cares if it isn’t reality. Do the person a favor and make them beautiful or handsome.

2. Now, smile at that person. That’s right. Smile! If you’re around other people and you don’t want to look like a grinning idiot, at least smile inwardly.

Now, you’ve just spent five seconds and you’re ready to write. Let me tell you why those five seconds mean so much.

Smile-writing adds a warmth to your words that you don’t consciously apply. Your message will be the same. The length will be about the same. In fact, you’ll probably read it over and think, “Sounds like what I would have written without all that smile business.” But it won’t be. Trust me.

I don’t know how or why this happens but it does. When you smile at the people you write to, that smile comes through your words just as certainly as if you were there. It is absolutely one of the great mysteries of life.

Remember, partner, whether you’re sending an e-mail, a letter, a proposal, a memo or a report, your words create a picture of you. And it may be the ONLY picture of you your target will ever know. Making it warm and personable could someday make a major difference in your future.

Give yourself an extra presence. Smile-write.


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