Do you need a Rubella vaccination before getting pregnant?

Do you need a current vaccination against rubella before attempting pregnancy? Obstetrical Nurse Wanda F Steele has information for you to consider.

Your question
I have just started hearing about the rubella vaccinations prior to pregnancy. I’m fairly sure I haven’t had an MMR vaccination since I was a baby. Do I need to be vaccinated again? If so, how much time should pass between the injection and conception? – Denise

The expert answers
Hi Denise,

The is a simple blood test to put your mind at ease. It is called a rubella titre and it will tell you whether or not you have immunities against rubella. If you do have a positive level of immunities, there would be no need for the injection. Ideally, in childhood, there were two — if not three — vaccinations. These injections were also for measles and mumps, hence the abbreviation MMR vaccinations.

Even if you had the vaccinations years ago, you will probably still be immune. If you would happen to have no immunities then having the vaccination would be a good idea. Check with your doctor to determine the right time to receive the vaccination. The virus does cross the placental barrier and can cause a devastating syndrome to the baby. If you are already pregnant, then the vaccination can be given immediately after delivery.

Good luck,

Wanda 🙂


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