Spice things up: No salt low-sodium diets don’t have to be bland

If you reduce sodium and fat in your foods, they might end up tasting a little bland. Here are some tips to spice things up!

Enhance the flavor
I always say that if you’re going to take something out you need to put something back in. When we reduce the sodium and fat content of our favorite home meals, we have to spice them up a bit or they are going to be just bland. Try some of these solutions:

Fish — Fresh dill and citrus fruits, fennel fronds and orange zest

Beef — Cumin and chilies, fennel seeds and garlic

Chicken — Savory herbs, tandoori or curry powders

Remember that spices are the dried seeds, roots or bark of plants and should be added early in the cooking process to allow their flavors to develop.

Herbs are the fresh leaves, flowers or stems of the plant and should be added at the end to assure that their volatile oils don’t dissipate.


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