Ways to decorate your garden in wintertimes

With sub zero temperatures and weather patterns that have left parts of the UK at its coldest since records began, gardening isn’t really top of anyone’s agenda right now. Many of us have reluctantly given up on our frozen hydrangea bulbs and wilted rose bushes. Yet there are ways to care for gardens and leave them looking their best through these last, dark wintery months so they don’t leave you feeling as sad on the inside as they look on the outside.

snowy backyard with giant pine tree

Think ever-green

Firstly, plant Evergreens along your borders. These should withstand all sorts of miserable temperatures and prevent everything looking dead and bone dry. Inexpensive, they give a burst of colour and life to your space no matter what state everything else is in.


Winter-flowering Pansies do well this time of year. Get a load planted in large terracotta or stainless steel bins and flower pots for instant colour and impact. Start thinking of spring now and get your Crocus bulbs planted. They’ll start peeking through in no time, giving both you and your garden a glimmer of colour and life.


Consider repainting. It may be cold out but it has been dry. If you’ve been thinking of adding a splash of colour to an old shed or one particular wall, do it now. Think vibrant, citrus-based colours that will liven things up in winter and sparkle in the summer months.


If you have cash to splash, why not get in a lighting designer mood to help flood light trees and darker corners at night? If you’re on a budget but in need of some additional luminescence, string some simple white fairy lights around walls, trellises, garden furniture or ornaments. These are ever so cheap to buy and will make an enormous difference to your space, whether it’s a large garden or a small, city-based patio space.

Outdoor furniture

Think about refurnishing. If your table and chairs have seen their best days, invest now in some new furniture to be enjoyed with summery BBQ’s. There are all sorts of Post-Christmas sales on at the moment and some department stores are including outdoor furniture in their discounts.

Alternatively, get hunting around local antique shops and flea markets. You’ll often find great deals on beautiful old pieces that work perfectly in outdoor space and won’t look anything like your neighbours. Get them outdoors now and they’ll have weathered themselves beautifully by the time you can sit outside and enjoy them.

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