Gifts for guys: Top 10 Ultimate garage accessories

Whether the man in your life is out there tuning his car, or just bench racing with his mates, our car guys spend more time in the garage than your average Joe. Here we have a collection of products to enhance that garage, so your car-guy’s favourite leisure space will become even more entertaining and comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether your garage holds tools or toys, we’ve scoured the latest catalogue from California Car Cover Company to put together this collection of ultimate Americana garage accessories. And yes, they deliver to the UK!

man in garage

1Keep it bright

Made from of hand-formed glass tubing, these fantastic glowing pieces of art are perfect for any room of the house. The range of hand-bent neon shapes varies from classic cars and hot rods, to signs that identify your space as the hot rod or muscle car garage. Flip the switch when you get to work and enjoy the retro neon glow. £253.

2Keep it organised

Keep that garage or workshop organised with this hanging tool rack that can be conveniently mounted to the wall or tool chest. The sturdy construction enables it to hold up to 10 air tools at once, so the tool he needs will always be within easy reach. £17.

pedal car3Keep it fun

Both the young and the young at heart will love this line of ride-on pedal car. Designs range from roadsters to cruisers and all feature lovely paintwork and chrome detailing. Buy one of these cars for his collection or give your child his or her first set of wheels. Officially licensed, they measure 21 x 39 x 18 inches, are child safety approved and feature adjustable pedals. From £107.

4Keep it classic

These great three-dimensional hanging shelves are ideal for displaying small memorabilia and collectibles. Choose from either a ’57 Chevy Bel Air or a’65 Ford Mustang. These 20-inch shelves are made of durable poly-resin and come with hardware for easy mounting. This item is much too fun to stick in the garage… I want to have one next to my front door! £35.

5mechanic signKeep it stylish

Take a journey down memory lane with these backlit signs featuring popular vintage automotive brands. Set into wooden frames, the translucent fascia is illuminated by incandescent lights for greater brightness. These roadside signs have flashing vertical letters and are viewable on both sides. A wonderful automotive collectible for any room. £221.

6Keep it safe

This 275-piece first aid kit is an essential item for the home, trailer or garage. It includes an array of items to help treat lacerations and cuts, minor burns, and lots of other aches and pains [maybe a hammered thumb]. The case features a secure snap-tight latches, folding handle and pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. £31.

7Keep it neat

A simple turn of a handle and your guy can neatly wind up to 150 feet of extension cord into this holder’s strong basket netting in under a minute. The holder can be adapted for both right- and left- handed use, and it includes steel mounting hardware for wall installation. £18.

car cleaning kit8Keep it shiny

Everything he needs to give his metal baby the ultimate Zymol shine is packed into this convenient case. Contents includes 8oz. Clear, 8.5oz. HD-Cleanse, 8oz. wax, 8.5oz. Vinyl, 22oz. Brite, 8.5oz. Treat, 8oz. Wheel Coat, 2oz. Detail wax, Detail Brush, Horse Hair Brush, two wax applicators, microfibre towel, 100% cotton towel and two pre wax applicators. Wow! From £183.

9Keep it clean

Whether he’s cleaning leaves off the roof or oil stains off the driveway, this high-power pressure washer will help him do it easily. This 50-foot hose can withstand pressures of 300 psi. £177.

10Keep it cold

These retro-looking embossed Ice Box Coolers are great for the garage, or his next poolside party, tailgate gathering, or barbeque. The lightweight aluminum cooler features a built in bottle opener and a variety of embossed classic logos. Measures 11.5 x 9 x 14 inches in a choice of five colours. From £89.


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