The dos and don’ts for a killer holiday party

Feeling the pressure to throw the perfect party this holiday season? Don’t worry, we are all in the same perfectly crafted glittery heel with ankle strap (or at least wish we were).


t The competition for the perfect party is fierce and most of us do not have time to spend days in preparation. We have jobs after all! And maybe kids, and workouts, and volunteer demands and even other parties to attend for crying out loud.

t Here are a few dos and don’ts for throwing a party you and your guests will love.

tDon’t worry about the decor details: for real. Your guests want to eat, drink and be merry. Be sure they can do all of those things, but do not spin your wheels on having a theme, or cute napkins or coordinating glassware. Just get it out there and focus more on making your guests feel comfortable when they walk in the door.

tDo consider the basics that make people feel comfortable: Clean the bathroom and stock up on toilet paper! Sounds silly, but this is important. There is nothing worse than being the one guest who runs out. Also, no one wants to see your mold or toothpaste spray. Please, for the sake of all the germophobes (and normal people) in the world, hit your counters with a Clorox wipe!

tDon’t worry about the food: If you are a culinary diva with a great sense of timing, organization and actual time to cook, go for it! Your guests will love the full spread. If you are like me and feel the weight of the world when you think about cooking for a party, then make it easy. You could have it catered, thaw and bake items from your local box store or have a potluck. Or you could get pizza delivery, cut the pizzas into adorable little squares and stick the cutest toothpicks ever in them (don’t forget a side of mini carrots and hummus for the vegetarians in the bunch). Your guests may giggle, but they won’t walk away hungry.

tDo consider who you are inviting: Either invite a bunch of people who know and love each other, or a bunch of people who have never met, but will likely get along. Be the hostess who encourages conversations, introduces people to each other and never lets a glass get too empty. Your guests will feel like you have given them personal attention and they will enjoy relaxing with friends, new and old.

t When throwing the “perfect” party, remember there is really no such thing. A great party is one where people connect and enjoy one another. The food, the drink, the decor… they are all just tools to help people get to the real goal of making merry!

Photo credit: Tiffany Hagler-Geard/Sheknows


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