Get full, plump lips

Do you want full, pouty lips without spending time and thousands of dollars on painful injections and procedures? Since most of us weren’t born looking much like Angelina Jolie, fortunately there’s an affordable way to enhance your lips: Use a lip plumper!

Plump those lips!

These lip-enhancing beauty products come in different forms, but the concept is the same. Their ingredients penetrate your lips and increase blood flow to temporarily give you fuller lips. Here are some luscious lip plumping products to try!
Jane Iredale More Lip Plumper

Jane Iredale More Lip Plumper

Jane Iredale More Lip Plumper contains spearmint and peppermint oils that stimulate the blood flow in your lips to make them fuller. Their time-release formula helps the lip plumper last longer. This product tingles and may not be suited for sensitive skin. You can find it online at for around $18. (See more places to buy Jane Iredale goodies here.)

LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Pump Sugar

LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Pump Sugar uses microscopic bits of dehydrated collagen which fuse with the moisture in your lips to create smooth, plump lips just seconds after application. It’s available in clear and also in several colors (named sugar, bloom, sexy, kiss, sweet, blush and… you get the idea). What do you get for your $36 per tube? Well, one tube will last you through about 30 applications. Their packaging says that the effects of the lip plumper will last about 48 hours, but I have found it’s closer to 24. (They also have an overnight formula, LipFusion XL, which is more costly and, well, offers about the same results.) Where can you get yours? Nordstrom, other department stores and several websites, which you can find via the SheKnows shopping section, sell the LipFusion brand.


Besoplex claims it increases the production of your own lip collagen to give you fuller lips. BesoplexAccording to their website, you will see the effects of Besoplex within five minutes, and the repeated use over a few months will create fuller lips permanently. The cost of this product is about $50 — which — if it works like they say — is much cheaper than collagen injections.Do you have a favorite lip plumper not mentioned here, or comments about one of the above products? Leave your comments below and let us all know!

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