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breaking good

With 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce today (according to the American Psychological Association), it’s something so many of us — and so many of our friends, coworkers and family members — go through. So why aren’t more people talking about it? It’s 2020; divorce is far from taboo. In fact, it’s downright commonplace.

In our Breaking Good (get it?) series, we’re giving you an honest look at what divorce looks like in today’s modern society — plus advice for how to make it suck as little as possible, especially if there are kids involved. From co-parenting tips (and apps!) and unique personal essays (vacationing with your ex, anyone?) to the best ways to broach the breakup with your kids (including stellar children’s books on the topic) and straight talk from family lawyers (custody during coronavirus can be a mess), not to mention celebrity conscious uncouplings (not just Gwyneth, but you know, also Gwyneth), you’ll get a holistic picture of modern divorce and how it affects every aspect of your life.

And most importantly, you’ll get tips on how you and your family can grow stronger and happier beyond it. Because wasn’t the hope of a better future the point of the divorce, anyway?