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adoption nation

We shouldn’t have to prove that it’s love that makes a family, but we’re doing it anyway with this series of stories of all the available paths to and through adoption. No matter the reason that parents choose adoption to grow their families — whether they’re a single parent, a queer parent, experiencing fertility struggles, simply looking to help a child in need or a myriad of other reasons — we’re here to share their stories and make their voices heard.

We’re also here to provide expert looks inside the adoption process in the U.S. today, including service and advice for prospective adoptive parents and birth parents alike.

In Adoption Nation, we’re taking a comprehensive point of view of adoption, from the realities of the step-by-step journey (costs, laws, timelines and more) to the perspectives of everyone involved, including adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents and adoption workers. We’re also shining a light on foster care and open adoptions, as well as celebrities who have been through the process themselves.

Whatever your relationship to adoption or what you’re seeking to learn about the process, there is something here for you — and more than one story about a beautiful self-created family that will inspire you.