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Special Series

Mamá Y Más

“Somos mamas — y mucho más” is the feeling we have here at SheKnows. We recognize that moms want to be up to date with all the parenting stories and issues we face, but we have lots of other interests and identities, too. This space, Mamá y Más, is where Latinx moms can come find the information they need and commiserate on and celebrate our shared experience of being Latinas parenting in the U.S.

Here, we bring you the reported features that speak directly to the health and parenting questions you have; the shopping guides on everything from the best toys for bilingual education to inspirational books for kids; the personal essays on the unique intergenerational, cultural struggles we face with our families; to the stories on our favorite celebrities’ lives, and more.

Love Makes a Family

What makes a family is love, and we’re here to celebrate that. Love Makes a Family is the space for our LGBTQA parents to find information for them, by them, share their experiences, and find support.

Modern Mothers

Celebrating motherhood in all forms every day. Modern Mothers features personal essays, recipes, shopping guides, pieces on important Parenting issues, and more. Come here for all things #momlife.

A Woman’s Place

A Woman’s Place is everywhere. This series celebrates inspiring women, changemakers, trailblazers, and all who are paving the way for gender equality. Because it’s not about supporting women for one month out of the year, but every day at SheKows.

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays might look a little different this year, but one thing remains the same: The joy of finding the perfect gifts for all of the people you love. But where to start — especially when you may be doing less in-store browsing and shopping this season and more online clicking-and-adding-to-cart? Well, here’s an early […]

Alpha Babies: Baby Names from A to Z

Ah, the baby-name-choosing process. It can be one of the most fun parts of family planning — or the most frustrating. Plenty of parents go into the pregnancy or adoption process already having a well-worn list of hopeful names, but others simply don’t know where to start. And whichever camp you’re in, you want a […]


We’re picking the brains of cool, stylish moms for recommendations on all of the things that make their parenting journey a bit easier and more enjoyable. From the healthy snacks they always have on hand to the books they’re reading themselves and to their kids, these are the products influential moms are so obsessed with, […]

The Fridge Files

SheKnows’ exclusive editorial series takes you inside the fridges of celebrities and influencers to see the ingredients that are always on hand—and what they do with them.

Mom Voyage!

Many of us travel obsessives start to have kids of our own and imagine the worst: Are our globetrotting days over? No, of course not. There are plenty of ways to see the world with kids in tow — and you don’t even have to sacrifice style, scenery, adventure and elegance in favor of, you […]

#BlogHer20 Parenting

We’re recapping the highlights from #BlogHer20 Parenting — our first-ever all-digital event focused on mothering and marketing. Because every busy mama needs a moment to herself, we opened with a quick meditation from author, mom of five and meditation guide Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, and then kicked off the panels and learnings that are the hallmarks […]