Product review: Temptu Airbrush Makeup System 2.0

Feb 22, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. ET

After fixing some kinks and lowering the price, Temptu launches its new at-home AIRbrush Makeup System. But does the latest version live up to the hype? SheKnows put it to the test!

Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0
product review

best or bust?

After fixing some kinks and lowering the price, Temptu launches its new at-home AIRbrush Makeup System. But does the latest version live up to the hype? SheKnows put to the test!

Along came airbrush

Television news reporters once had to use super-heavy makeup to get flawless-looking skin on-air. But thick foundation and powder backfired once high-definition video happened. Wrinkles looked deeper. Skin appeared cakey. Airbrush makeup became the solution because it didn’t settle into the skin like traditional makeup. It soon became a makeup artist's must-have and demand skyrocketed.

Cosmetic giant Temptu seized the opportunity, making at-home airbrushing kits affordable to the masses, and the company quickly emerged as a leader in a growing consumer market. After fixing some kinks and lowering the price point, it unveiled its best version yet, offering more power and precision.

But does the Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 live up to the hype?

What it promises

The Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 ($225) promises to deliver a “camera-ready, pro makeup result at home with its easy-to-use system.” The unit comes with a newly designed AIRbrush gun with weighted handle and enhanced trigger control, stronger AIRcompressor, cradle, hose and AC adapter.

In addition to the 2.0 system, Temptu also expanded its AIRpod makeup collection for face and body. An assortment of foundation, blush, highlighters and bronzers are now available on the Temptu website.

Since the AIRpod foundation is no longer available in Sephora stores for sampling, you must match your skin color to the shade finder on the Temptu website. I had to order a darker shade after ordering a bad match the first time. I later learned that Temptu offers ship-free returns if you aren’t happy with the pre-mixed shade. Customer service can also help determine an ideal foundation/concealer/powder combination.

How it held up

The Temptu compressor unit easily tucks away in a bathroom drawer. No liquid leaks out, even when placed on its side. The tube is also securely attached. The makeup AIRpod easily snaps on and off the wand. It was much easier than gravity-feed airbrush guns I’ve tried, which require constant cleaning and periodic maintenance.

To use the system with an AIRpod I followed these four steps:

  1. Press the power button on the top of your AIRcompressor. You’ll feel air flowing through the tip of the AIRpod.
  2. Turn the dial to three o’clock, the optimal setting for a flawless AIRpod Foundation application.
  3. Hold your AIRbrush like a pencil, pointed downward, 4 to 6 inches away. Gently pull back on the trigger and move in small circular motions.
  4. Stop and look. Repeat step 3 until you achieve your desired coverage.

The end result was comparable in coverage to wearing a heavy MAC foundation but felt lighter, looked more natural and seemed to last longer. I also prefer Temptu’s silicone-based makeup versus water-based makeup that is used with other units. I now have a full collection of Temptu makeup and use the system for any television appearances, along with everyday use.

The bottom line

Temptu surpasses the competition with overall quality and performance. If you're going to invest in an airbrush system, I recommend the Temptu Signature Starter Kit, which comes with your pick of foundation, blush and highlighter for $199.

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