5 Gift ideas for the pet lover

If you think 2012 flew by for us, think how it flew by for pets. Canine friends just aged seven years, and cats just witnessed one of their nine lives weaken. Humans aren’t the only family members that deserve a few gifts under the Christmas tree this year as celebration for a long and loving year. Whether the animal lovers on your list prefer hairy, furry or feathered, they and their pets deserve to be surprised too. Here are five ideas to get the pet lover on your list and their pets:


Dog lovers

Dog lovers are the easiest to Christmas shop for  — why? Because they’re happy and loyal no matter what you get them  — just like their pets. When they’re not playing with you though, they deserve some relaxing. Everyone’s dog will be sure to love a new doggie hammock. Yes, hammock. There are a variety of contemporary and functional options that fit into any decor. They’ll enjoy the new level of relaxation all year long.


Feline lovers

For the feline lover, it’s best to stick to gifts the owner can use only. Let’s be realistic, the cat isn’t going to like anything you get them  — cats are the pickiest. Cat lovers love being reminded of their kitties throughout their day. We recommend gifting a trendy cat sweater or mug. It may be ridiculous to you, but the cat lover in your life will love it.


Bird lovers

Bird lovers are some of the most passionate pet owners around. For this person on your list, you could create a little mini box of bird goodies  — think famous bird movies, bird toys and CDs of catchy songs. Make it a combination of both gifts the owner and the pet will love!  — because parrots are so vocal and animate about new items.


Fish lovers

If there is one thing about fish lovers, they love accessories for their fish. It’s an obsession, essentially. The world of contemporary fish accessories and bowls is surprisingly vast (and interesting). The unique designs and fish habitats on the market make being a fish lover seriously cool. Combine a new bowl with a few fish-inspired movies and your fish loving friend will be happy this year.

Dog lover bonus

We all know dog lovers make up the biggest portion of our friends. If they want something a little more personal, order custom food and water bowls for friends. There are a variety of lavish options to customize modern and rich-looking dog plates. Our furry friends deserve good dining habits too.

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