Swanky stemware

Looking for a gift for the ultimate entertainer? Any gracious host or hostess appreciates having an extensive stemware collection on hand. Of course, you don’t want to give just any old stemware. Choose from the following swanky stemware gift ideas — and get the party started!

wine glass

Wine glasses

Tired of drinking wine out of red plastic cups at your best friend’s parties? Give her a set of stunning wine glasses. Choose basic stemmed wine glasses or try a stemless set for a more modern look. If you’re gifting someone with a penchant for a particular varietal, do your research and give her the specific shape glass best suited for that type of wine. Throw in a set of stemware charms for a little extra bling.

margarita glasses

Margarita glasses

Don’t we all deserve a trip to Margaritaville once in a while? Any party giver worth her salt should have a set of glasses specifically for sipping this tropical drink. Since parties involving margaritas typically involve poolside sips, it’s perfectly acceptable to give plastic margarita glasses for outdoor entertaining.

cocktail glass

Cocktail glasses

If you’re looking for a sophisticated gift, go for a set of cocktail glasses, sometimes referred to as martini glasses. Tall stemmed cocktail glasses make an elegant statement, while more spill-proof shorter stems might make more sense for those with white carpets or kids motoring through the house. Etched glass, painted glass and funky zigzag or curved stems are some of the many design choices.

champagne flute

Champagne flutes

When it comes to celebrating, we say no reason is too small. Encourage some frivolity by giving a set of Champagne flutes, along with a bottle of your favorite bubbly. If you haven’t shopped for Champagne flutes lately, you’re in for a sparkly treat. Choose from stemmed or stemless, classic or modern styles.

painted glass

DIY stemware

Make a thoughtful gift even more special by customizing your stemware with a little DIY action. Buy a basic set of stemware of your choosing, and find a tutorial on how to turn it into paint-dipped, glittered or chalkboard painted stemware. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration and information.


Water goblets

Even water tastes better when served out of a beautiful glass. Perfect for everyday use, water goblets can also be used for iced tea, juice, wine or cocktails.

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