Top tech gifts for him

Shopping for a guy who geeks out over the latest gadgets? Wrap up one of this year’s hot tech gifts for your favorite digital dude.

Mophie Rechargeable Battery Cases

Extend the battery life of your man’s phone—up to 120%—with any of the Mophie battery cases. These stylish products are protective cases and chargeable batteries morphed into one. The form-fitting, and ultra-impact-resistant cases in the Mophie Juice Pack line (Juice Pack Helium, Juice Pack Air, and Juice Pack Plus) are available for both Apple and Andorid devices. This efficient, time-saving product is sure to meet the needs of any tech-enthused man in your life. (Mophie, $80-$120)

iPad and iPhone cases

How many opportunities do you get to accessorize your man? If you’re looking to inject a little style into your guy’s look, here’s your chance! Give him an iPad or iPhone case that’s both functional and fashionable. With the many iPad and iPhone case choices, you can get personal and pick a case to match the man. A variety of professional cases like The Ridge are available almost everywhere. (Amazon, $26)

Swingbyte 2 Golf Analyzer

The Swingbyte 2 Golf Analyzer is the perfect gift for men who spend their free time on golf courses. The smart device helps improve your golf game after simply attaching it to any golf club and swinging normally. Using Bluetooth, the analyzer will send a full analysis of his swing to the Swingbyte app on his portable device. With the 3D technology for the Swingbyte, he can see the club head speed and acceleration, club path and swing tempo. With this tech gift, he won’t need another golf lesson/tutorial because he’ll be improving on his own. (Amazon, $150 )

Docking stations

Your techno nerd will love getting a docking station for his Apple or Android device — and you’ll have a blast picking one out! It seems the most creative minds in the design world have been busy creating docking stations. You can choose one that looks like an old-school boom box, rustic log, retro radio, classic book, or rotary telephones. If these are a little too wacky, you’ll find plenty of sleek monotone docking stations for the man with a more modern aesthetic.(SharperImage, $100)

Nexus products

Is your guy’s life powered by his heavy laptop? Give him a lighter, thinner product that is just as powerful. The Nexus 10, has 4 million pixles, making images and video sharper and more detailed. He will enjoy video chat with out-of-town friends and family much faster with Google chrome and a 1.9M facing camera. (Google, $400)

Or is he still holding onto a phone from several years ago claiming “it works just as well as smartphones?” It’s time to treat him to a gift he’ll use all day long. The Google Nexus 4 is fast and extremely useful. With nearly 5 inches of screen display, he can take quality photos, navigate through traffic with Google Maps and download apps with ease. (Google, $200)

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