How to shop for the guy who has everything

Just because your guy has everything doesn’t mean he wants for nothing. Use these tips to learn how to give your guy a gift from the heart.

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Start with a change of attitude

No guy actually has everything, of course. If the man in your life has all of your typical go-to gifts, that just means you’re going to have to think outside the box when coming up with this year’s gift ideas. Instead of thinking that there’s no way you’ll be able to give him something he’ll appreciate, look at this opportunity as the chance to really wow him with something special. You’ll enjoy the gift-giving process more, and he’ll love what you come up with.

Expert tip: “Shopping for the guy who has everything might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be at all. Forget about necessity and focus on luxury and fun. Buy him a present that relates to his favorite hobby or passion. If it is an activity that he loves doing, he will undoubtedly enjoy anything that goes along with it. Monogramming is also a great option for this man, and it takes the luxury aspect up a notch. Anything from cufflinks to poker sets can be emblazoned with his initials, and this is a perfect way to add a personal touch to any gift.”
— Lindsay Weiner, owner of Style Me NY and Style Me DC

Listen carefully

Your guy may not come right out and say, “I’ve really been dying to buy ________,” but most men have a hobby, dream or interest that they can’t stop talking about. If he’s into sports, the environment, fine foods or a cars, use those interests as your launching pad for finding a great gift. For instance, if your man’s a sports nut, you could pick up a jersey or ball autographed by his favorite athlete. If your guy’s a foodie, order some exotic spices or a month’s supply of grass-fed beef. It may not seem super-romantic to you, but chances are he’ll love it.

Give experiences

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t the kind you unwrap. Based on your man’s interests, come up with an experience you can give him or that you can enjoy together. The thrillseeker may love a gift certificate for skydiving or bungie jumping, while the music lover would be floored that you got him tickets to see his favorite band. Make the experience especially special by planning a weekend around the event. Take him out to dinner, get a nice hotel room and treat him to a massage. When the weekend’s over, you can feel confident he just received the best gift of his life.

Make him smile

Look for something he would never pick out himself but that he will actually use. Stores such as Brookstone, Guyville and Vat19 offer fun and functional gadgets designed to make life more enjoyable. Here are a couple of our favorite options:

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