Tips for buying baby clothes and gear online

New moms know how tough getting out of the house can be once you welcome a new baby to your family, so shopping online is the perfect fix. You’re likely to find everything you could possibly want for your baby with the click of your mouse. Here are some tips to make your online shopping experience smooth, economical and fun.

Mom with baby shopping online

1Baby equipment

New moms shouldn’t be lifting heavy things anyway, so if you need to finish off your baby shower registry or order that highchair you’ll need in a few months, why not do it online? You can search for what you want and probably find it cheaper online than if you had schlepped to the store. Also, many sites offer free shipping, and some offer other specials such as rush delivery at no charge. Score!

2Second-hand stuff

Check or for great deals on used (and sometimes brand-new) items at discount prices. If you select an item to buy from a person on craigslist, be sure to meet in a public area to pick up the goods. If possible, leave your baby at home or send Hubby to do the job. After all, he’s there to help!

3Sign up for specials

If you love a particular brand or diaper, baby food or clothing and buy it often, the retailer or manufacturer may reward you for your loyalty. Sign up to receive email newsletters, coupons and sale notices from your favorite online retailers. Then sit back and wait for the savings to come to you!

4Savings sites

Check out savings sites such as, which offers free stuff, clearance links, information about special sales, and printable coupons for baby retailers and even some of your own faves (Banana Republic, anyone?). is another great site that offers a wide range of baby products with great discounts, promotions and free shipping on orders of more than $49.

5Stock up

When you do find a steal on basics that you use on the daily, stock up so you can really take advantage of such online deals.

With the ease of shopping online, you literally can have diapers dropped at your doorstop without ever leaving the house! We’re not suggesting you stay home 24/7, of course… but shopping online is a a convenient, economical option if you just can’t get out as easily right now.

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