Gift ideas for the value shopper

Shopping for a value shopper? We know what’s on her wish list! Check out our top ideas on what to give her this holiday season — and save money on those budget buys while you’re at it!

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Is there someone in your life whose heart skips a beat when she comes across a great deal? Is she the first to gush about finding her new sweater at 20 percent off, or does she boast that she found that new name-brand pair of heels on the clearance rack? Did she even leave your house early on Thanksgiving night to be the first one in line for the Black Friday sales? If so, you have a value shopper on your hands, and there’s nothing that gets her going like a successful shopping trip full of bargains and red tags.

Spend wisely on her this holiday and get a great bang for your buck — you know she’ll appreciate that! Go for a luxurious cashmere scarf, one that she’d never even think of spending her own money on, or get her a fabulous reusable shopping tote that she can use each time she scores at a big sale.

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