Top 10 gifts for your canine companion

Our dogs love us unconditionally all year long and are always there to greet us with a smiling face and a wagging tail. So this holiday season, let’s give our precious pups a Christmas to remember with some of the best doggy gifts around!


Dog treat gift


Buster DogMaze Food Dish

Buster DogMaze Food Dish

It’s no secret that dogs love to eat, so why not prolong mealtime a little bit and help your pup enjoy his food! With the beautifully designed Buster DogMaze Food Dish, your dog will have to navigate through a fun maze to get to his prized kibble and won’t be able to gobble it all down in a few big bites. It’s also dishwasher safe and for dogs of all sizes (, $31).


Duck Dynasty toy

Duck Dynasty toy

Not many dogs can resist a duck, and that goes double for fans of the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty. Since we can’t buy our dogs a real duck, here’s the next-best thing — a plush Duck Dynasty toy that will keep your hunter satisfied till the next episode! Choose from Phil Duck, Miss Kay Duck, Si Duck, Willie Duck or Jase Duck (, $13).


Peter Pan collar

Peter Pan collar

We get all dolled up for the holidays with special outfits and accessories, so why should our dog miss out on all the fun? Let your four-legged family member show off his holiday spirit by rocking a classy Peter Pan collar in red and green. The soft fleece collar comes complete with a button accent and can be layered over a dog coat or worn on its own (, $15).


Holiday treats

BLUE's Santa Snacks

It’s not Christmas for a dog without a few bags of sweet treats in his stocking! Our pick is BLUE’s Santa Snacks — seasonal oatmeal and cinnamon treats that are free of corn, wheat and soy. Your holiday helper will be begging for more, and we say give in if he’s been a very good boy all year (Petsmart [only sold in stores], $4).


Pet stocking

Martha Stewart Pets Whimsical Stocking

Speaking of stockings, your dog needs one right up there over the fireplace next to yours! The Martha Stewart Pets Whimsical Stocking is just the thing he needs to feel like part of the family come Christmas morning. Fill it to the brim with doggy delights and prepare for sloppy doggy kisses (, $15).


Sherpa Tote

Sherpa Park Tote

Dogs are happiest when they’re with their owners, so take your little princess along with you in the stylish Sherpa Park Tote. The machine-washable tote easily converts from a carrier into a blanket that will cushion your pup under the table at a restaurant, at the park or even on your lap (, $40-$45).


Motion-activated toy

Doggie Tail Motion-Activated Dog Toy

The Toys”R”Us Pets Doggie Tail Motion-Activated Dog Toy is for the easily bored pup, and it’s anything but a normal toy! Just pop in three AAA batteries and let the fun begin. The furry toy comes complete with a tail, and it moves and barks like a puppy. It will leave your pup thoroughly entertained. Let him chase it to his heart’s content (, $20).


Canine classics

Canine Classics Volume 1

If your dog loves to sing and dance, treat him to Canine Classics Volume 1 for a collection of tunes he’ll love. Your dog’s favorite catchy tunes now have doggy lyrics and are perfect for a long car ride, a doggy party or whenever you want to have a little fun with Fido. Rock out to “S.P.C.A.,” “Walk Like a Dalmatian” and more! (, $16)


Dog coat

Petco Holiday Bone Reversible Cozy Dog Coat

A festive wooly sweater in the colors of the season is the gift your fashionable pup has been waiting for. Dress her up for a winter walk outdoors in the Petco Holiday Bone Reversible Cozy Dog Coat and she’ll be poshly protected from the elements. Too cute (, $20).

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