Out-of-the-ordinary music gifts

Dec 13, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Looking for a gift for the musician in your life? Whether it's your husband who likes to jam on his acoustic guitar, your piano-playing daughter or your nephew the DJ, we've got unique gift ideas for all the music lovers on your shopping list.


Make your own vinyl notebook


The '70s are calling

iPhone 5 cover that looks deceptively like a cassette tape

Go old school with this iPhone 5 cover that looks deceptively like a cassette tape. It's a real conversation starter (CafePress, $25).


The new boom box

JAMBOX wireless speaker/speakerphone

This limited-edition JAMBOX wireless speaker/speakerphone is being sold in partnership with Charity: Water. Fifty dollars from each sale will go toward bringing clean drinking water to those in need (Charity: Water, $199).


A cut above

guitar-shaped cutting boards (

If your Gibson-strumming husband's talents extend into the kitchen, he'll love this handmade set of guitar-shaped cutting boards (Etsy, $30).


Heads up!

vintage-looking headset T-shirt

Not everyone who appreciates music is talented at making music (or so I'm told when I belt out Kelly Clarkson songs). This vintage-looking headset T-shirt is perfect for those who simply like to listen to the good stuff (Crazydogtshirts.com, $17).


Now you're cooking with sass

wooden mixing spoons

Know a chef with monster drum chops? With a flip of the wrists, these wooden mixing spoons turn into drumsticks — perfect for tapping out a beat on pots and pans while making dinner (Amazon, $11).


Wrap yourself in music

Music infinity scarf

Need a gift for the kids' piano teacher? This infinity scarf will make it clear she has a passion for Paganini (Etsy, $20).


Music mug

Music mug

Don't worry — this iPod isn't actually dunked in a coffee mug. It's a music mug with a hidden plug and speaker (Generate, $69).


The strangest instrument you'll ever own


What exactly is this smiling musical note? It's a Japanese instrument called an Otamatone, and we bet you've never seen anything like it. Hit "Play" on this Bohemian Rhapsody YouTube video and prepare to be amazed — or at least mildly amused (eBay, $46).

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