Etsy shops we love: PrincessToadie

Nov 8, 2013 at 12:24 p.m. ET

Boho-babe Carina Good loves designing trendy kimonos and stylish dresses. Princess Toadie is one designer on Etsy you need to check out.

Princess Toadie

One-of-a-kind designer and dressmaker

Boho-babe Carina Good loves designing trendy kimonos and stylish dresses. Princess Toadie is one designer on Etsy you need to check out.

About Princess Toadie

The designer behind PrincessToadie is Carina Good, a small-town girl from Felixstowe, England. Carina has always had a love for art and creativity, and when she was 21 she bought herself a sewing machine. In her spare time she practiced sewing and before she knew it, she was hooked. She gradually built up her skills and at age 24 she decided to move to London to pursue her dream. By October 2012, Carina had worked hard and saved up enough money to take the plunge and make her dressmaking career a full-time project. Now, a year into Princess Toadie, Carina could not be happier.

SheKnows: Where are you based?

Carina Good: I moved to Surrey in December 2012 with my boyfriend and am working from home full time. We hope to move back to London in the next couple of years.

SK: What is your inspiration?

CG: I love anything that involves using your hands to create something. The whole creative process that comes with making clothing gives me great satisfaction. I get most of my inspiration from images, photographs, paintings, all artwork, really. If I find something that I think is beautiful I will use the color schemes, look and feel of an image and then find fabrics that remind me of that image to create a one-off piece that has a story behind it.

SK: Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?

CG: I would like to see a wide range of people wearing my clothes. I want my clothing to offer something for everyone — the chance for any age or style of person to be able to wear a piece of my clothing and adapt it into their own style.

SK:  Do you have a favorite item of yours?

CG: This dress [see photo below] has to be my favorite creation. The fabric has such a beautiful romantic floral print that looks like a detailed watercolor painting. It is a loose-fitting tunic dress that suits all body shapes and can be worn dressed up or down.
 Etsy shops we love: PrincessToadie

SK: Where do you want to see your clothes/brand going in the next year? Next five years?

CG: In the next year I hope to start selling some of my one-off pieces in small boutique shops. I was selling some of my kimonos in a small pop-up shop called H.Y.C. and hope to continue to work with them again in the future. I hope to continue to grow my Etsy shop, selling handmade and vintage clothing. In the next five years, I would love to set up a small studio, adding a few members to my team, and also consider opening a small boutique shop of my own selling one-off pieces and vintage items.

SK: What are your favorite current trends/styles?

CG: I love the '90s grunge revival: long duster jackets, floral mini dresses with Dr. Martens. I love the autumn trends of large over-sized coats and blazers. I also love the southwestern Navajo prints.

SK: Who are your favorite designers?

CG: I like the style of clothing from Johnny Was, very boho and original pieces. I am in love with Katei Roze bags, a London-based bag designer; her bags are so unique and very beautiful. I love anything by YSL.

SK: Are there any other Etsy shops you love?

CG: MineralogyDesign for gorgeous jewelry, Madabby for stunning handmade dresses and Majik Horse for hippie clothing, both handmade and vintage.

SK: Who is your fashion/style icon?

CG: I have a couple. I have always loved Sienna Miller's style. I love Nicole Ritchie; her mix of boho and modern clothing is always spot on. I also love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They have perfected the boho look 100 percent.

Check out Carina's dreamy designs on Etsy. For updates and deals, follow Carina on Twitter.

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