5 Gifts for The Bachelorette lovers

Jul 1, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Have a friend who's all about The Bachelorette? She watches the full season, "The Final Rose," "The Men Tell All" and "After the Final Rose" and reads all the gossip magazines and still can't get enough? Think about curbing this reality TV junkie's obsession with our Bachelorette-themed gifts, which are perfect for birthdays or holidays.

With a special occasion right around the corner, we all try desperately to come up with unique gift ideas for the ones we love. If your friend or relative is Bachelorette obsessed, she will recognize these famous past characters and laugh at our spin-off presents.


Tierra's eyebrow

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle canvas

Tierra LiCausi was the famous villain and regular sparkler from the 17th season of The Bachelor, with Sean Lowe. Known for her crazy antics, like faking hypothermia and barely acknowledging the other women on the show, Tierra quickly became disliked by everyone around her besides (maybe) Sean.

"People have judged me — because I don't say 'Good morning,' because of the look on my face, because of my eyebrow," said Tierra. "I can't control my eyebrow! I can-not control my eyebrow. I can't control what's on my face 24/7!"

If your best Bachelorette-obsessed gal pal is in need of a birthday gift that isn't Tierrable — try on this home eyebrow-waxing kit (Nordstrom, $12) for size. If there isn't enough sparkle, throw in this hand-painted canvas from Etsy ($13), featuring Tierra's fave quote, "Never let anyone dull your sparkle." She won't be able to control her joy (or her eyebrows) after receiving them.


Kasey's wrist tattoo

Henna body-painting kit

Who could ever forget Kasey Kahl — Mr. Guard and Protect Your Heart? Between his creepy voice, random outburst of song after his helicopter date and undying need to publicize his inner obsession with Ali via wrist tattoos, no one was surprised when she eventually sent him packing.

Wanna show your BFF that you will always be there to guard and protect her heart? Earth Henna provides a Henna body-painting kit ($24). This way, when you design your own hennas, they won't be shamefully permanent like Kasey's over-the-top ink.


Justin's R-rated attitude

Rated R T-shirt

One of the classic moments of the ABC series has to be Justin Rego, aka "Rated R," being caught with a girlfriend and then running away from Bachelorette Ali in a cowardly fashion (including running through bushes and climbing up stone waterfalls while wearing a leg cast). Talk about an awkward getaway strategy.

Justin made a big impression in the opener of this season by wearing a "Rated R" T-shirt underneath his suit and flashing it to the cameras to promote his wrestling career. So, a goofy gag gift that any Bachelorette lover would laugh at is... her very own "Rated R" shirt (Zazzle, $27)! Layer it under a button-down for best results.


Wes Hayden's country music career

Wes Hayden Full Circle CD

The "having a girlfriend while being on The Bachelorette" trend all started with one brave man: Wes Hayden. He strolled into Bachelorette Jillian's season wearing his boots and cowboy hat, carrying his guitar slung over his shoulder and wielding Texan charm.

When the word got out that he had a possible girlfriend back in the South, he instantly became enemy No. 1. Jillian sent him home after future Bachelor Jake Pavelka told her about the alleged relationship at home.

Wes is still a country musician — and his CD, Full Circle(Barnes & Noble, $20), could be a perfect gift for a loyal Bachelorette fan. Pop the disc in, roll the windows down and get ready to sing your heart out. 'Cuz love, it don't come easyyyyyyyyy.


Jake's wings of love

On the Wings of Love necklace

After informing Jillian about Wes, Jake Pavelka received his own gig with The Bachelor and 25 women to choose from to be his bride. His tagline, you ask? "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love."

Every girl this season had to make silly puns about Jake's pilot career. Some fan favorites included "I want to be your co-pilot in life," and "I want to embark on this journey of life with you as my first (soul) mate." The most out there, however, was when one woman during the first cocktail party proclaimed, "Jake, you can land your plane on my landing strip anytime."

If your bestie is Jake obsessed, try this tamer version of "on the wings of love" with a necklace from Etsy ($44).

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