7 Things to do before you say I do

They say your wedding day is the most special day of your life but before every woman takes the walk down the aisle there are a few things she needs to check off the list. Read on for our pre-wedding checklist below.


Celebrate your 25th birthday

Who knew that statistics say that the closer you are to 30 the least likely your marriage will end up in divorce. Sounds like getting married before 25 is a no no.Read more about the right age to get married.


Stock up on wedding magazines

With Modern Bride and Elegant Bride recently closing, as a betrothed woman, it is now your job to single-handedly stop any more wedding magazines from biting the dust by buying as many of them as possible, so that future generations of women will be able to ooh and ahh over glossy spreads of over-the-top dresses and designer cakes too.


Put away your break-up CDs

Getting married means those sulking over your last fling is over! Time to get rid of those break-up-ready Celine Dion love ballads. Trade in the depressing for celebration music. Your break up days are behind you!


Have at least one really goofy day (or night) of juvenile fun

Not that it’s a bad thing, but getting married certainly seals the lid on your carefree youth. You can still have fun as a married woman, but now that you have someone else to think of too, it kind of puts the kibosh on spontaneous road trips and all-night chat marathons with your BFFs. So before you say ‘I do,’ be sure you say ‘I will’ to one last crazy day with your friends.


Make peace with your family and future in-laws

Tension between family members is a fact of life these days, but when there’s a wedding involved, it often becomes exasperated. While you may not be able to put a stop to that 10-year-long feud between Aunt Mary and Grandma Jo, but try to make peace with any relatives yourself or at least force yourself to put up with their crazy antics for a while. Trust us, it will make the wedding planning process much smoother, especially when it comes to deciding on the all-important task of seating arrangement.


Decide on a name

Traditionally, women have taken their husband’s name upon marriage. However, these days almost anything goes: You can take his name, he can take yours, or you can combine your names, hyphenate them, leave them alone, or just make up a new one completely, like this couple who went from being Geoff Werner-Allen and Suzanne Chapman to Mr. and Mrs. Challen.



Once you become engaged, it seems like a million people get involved. Wedding planners, your fiance’s family, and total strangers will all want to impose their opinion on you! And while planning a wedding is exciting, don’t let your to-do list get in the way of what really counts: cherishing this moment in your relationship with your loved ones.


What is something you plan on doing before you walk down the aisle? Let everyone know by leaving a message in the comment box.


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