15 ways to move on after a breakup

If you’ve recently broken up with the supposed love of your life, here are 15 sure-fire ways to get over him and move on to greener pastures.

Make yourself over

Avoid those awkward post-breakup run-ins with your ex at the grocery store, where he’s looking irresistibly cute — and you’re sporting sloppy trackies and a greasy ponytail. If you start looking hot around the clock, you’ll begin feeling sexier and more confident.

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to weekly at-home manicures and pedicures. Not only will you have polished and shiny nails, but your weekly appointment with yourself spent pampering and preening will keep you distracted and busy.

Remember his bad side

Create a list of all the things you didn’t like about your ex: include EVERYTHING, from how he bit his nails to his possessive attitude. Keep the list in your handbag and break it out every time you’re tempted to call or text him!

Start a blog

Create a blog under and anonymous name, and vent away.

Start a hobby

Ever wanted to learn Tai Chi? Or enroll in an Italian cooking class? Or take a course in photography? With all of your new free time, this is the perfect time to take on a project you’ve always wanted to do.

Take a trip

If you’re finding it tough seeing the same familiar spots that you two used to frequent as a couple, grab your best girlfriends and head out of town for the weekend.

Don’t frequent his favourite hangouts

I know you’re hoping to bump into him, but you just might get what you wish for. How much will it suck if he ignores you? Or — worse still — what if he has new female company, already? Save yourself the heartache: don’t go there. Literally.

Revamp you pad

Paint a new feature wall in your house, or if you’re renting, redecorate with new cushions or accessories. Fresh surroundings will help you embrace all of the changes that are happening in your life.

Don’t call him

Or text. Or email. Or Skype. The only way to truly move on is to break off all communications.

Break a sweat

Hitting the gym will not only make you feel better about yourself, but it’ll help you get rid of any ‘relationship weight’ you may have gained while you and your ex were together.

Go out with the girls

The best part of a break up is reconnecting with your girlfriends. Plan a girl’s night in with DVDs, snacks and nail painting, or head out for a night of cocktails and dancing.

Get rid of his stuff

If he’s left any of his things at your place, pack them into a box and ask a friend to return them to him.

Try a new hairstyle

It’s the classic post-split ritual, but there is something liberating about changing your hairstyle after a breakup. Just don’t do anything drastic, like lobbing off all of your locks — down the track when you’re feeling better, you may live to regret it.

Keep your own style

Don’t be temped to overhaul your entire wardrobe in an attempt to reinvent yourself. It’s expensive and unnecessary — you’re lovely just the way you are.

Clean the house

If ever the timing was right for a spring clean, this is it! Start with your wardrobe and cabinets, and move through to the living room and kitchen. Getting rid of your old crap and his old crap at the same time is the ultimate cleanse!

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