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Mar 19, 2010 at 3:56 p.m. ET

Keeping cool in the heat of summer isn't easy. After the first few days, the backyard hose loses its luster, and your kids start clamoring for something more exciting to do. Our Water Play Product Guide makes it easy for you to deliver. We’ve rounded up some exciting, fun products to help you and the kids cool off. Take a look!

Schylling Splash Out.

Here's a fun twist on water balloon fun -- and a nice change from running your garden hose for hours. Fill a balloon with water and put it in the Splash Out ball. Set the timer, and start passing the ball. If you're holding the ball when the timer runs out -- you're getting wet. Although the balloons are a choking hazard for younger kids, this is a great game for kids 8 and older -- and moms and dads can join in the fun, too. Around $15 online and at nationwide retailers.


It's no secret that kids love to run, skip, laugh, and play. Add soft, foam poles, and continually spraying nozzles that spin around, and you've got a lot of laughs -- and happy kids. There are no fixed rules -- just let your kids have fun while getting wet. No batteries needed -- just hook it up to your garden hose and let the water pressure control the spinning speed. Recommended for ages 4 and up. $15; available online or in retail stores nationwide.

Sun Searcher Water Slide.

In the mood for a major splurge this summer? This 10-foot backyard water slide will definitely keep your kids happy. They can climb up one side, then enjoy the water from the integrated fountain heads as they slide down into the pool of water at the bottom. At around $350, it's a pricey pick, but it should stand up to seasons of aggressive play.

Mermaid Pool Swimming Fin.

If your daughter loves The Little Mermaid, this fun fin will let her take imaginative play to a whole new level. The fin comes in pink or purple and straps on with Velcro for hours of swimming and playing fun. Safe for swimmers up to age 12. Order online for around $30.

Sub Jumpa.

The Sub Jumpa is the world's first underwater Pogo Stick, perfect for kids who want to do more than just float in the pool. Let your kids experiment with all kinds of cool underwater and acrobatic stunts -- the Sub Jumpa lets them bounce off the pool walls and floors. $35; recommended only for strong swimmers.?


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