6 Accessories that can change your look completely

Mar 19, 2010 at 2:20 p.m. ET

Want a way to take an outfit from daytime to drama in just a few minutes? It's all about accessories -- your not-so-secret fashion weapon. We've rounded up six accessories that you can use to take an outfit to a whole new level in a flash.

1. A fabulous pair of sunglasses.

Good sunglasses are a must for every woman, every day. Look for 100 percent UVA and UVB protection to keep your eyes in great shape. Beyond that, you can choose whatever you like. Consider updating your pair annually. It's an easy, affordable way to keep up with the latest trends. This pair from Icon Eyewear will keep all eyes on you.

2. A great hat.

In the spring and summer months, go for a hat with a wide brim to keep you looking and feeling cool while protecting your skin. Wear a hat when you leave the house on sunny days to keep your skin looking youthful. Experiment until you find a look you love. In the winter, you can stay warm -- and still look hot -- if you choose the right hat.

3. A purse with pockets.

You've got a lot of stuff to stash: Sippy cups, coloring books, extra diapers -- and your own belongings. You can be organized and stylish at the same time with the right bag. The Milano Tote from Baggallini fits the bill with dedicated space for your laptop, phone,and a magazine, as well as pockets to hold all the things you tote along for the kids.

4. A colorful watch.

Want to add a pop of color to your outfit? Strap on a snappy wristwatch. The fact that you're on time to soccer practice, parent-teacher conferences and those all-important girls nights out? Well, that's just a bonus. Look for a watch that's water resistant so that you don't worry when washing hands 47 times a day.

5. A detailed jeweled necklace.

Need a way to add a little wow to any outfit? This stunning necklace from Julie Miles with beautiful stone and bead trinkets does the trick. Pair it with any little black dress -- or simply a plain black turtleneck and jeans -- for instant style. At 40 inches long, this strand is classy enough to turn heads without screaming for attention.

6. A wallet with an artistic edge.

Why settle for an ordinary wallet when you could store your cash and cards in this beautiful hand-painted piece of art? Whether you keep it in your purse or carry it on its own, it will draw second glances and compliments whenever you use it. The wallet offers plenty of space for your essentials -- and plenty of style just for you!?


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