Top baby gear for fall 2011

You want to keep your baby safe, but without the latest baby gear, are you sure that you’re using the safest products for babies today? Before you put your little one in something you received second hand, discover the top baby gear for fall 2011.

Skip Hop Complete Sheet no bumper

Crib gear

In line with the “no soft crib bedding” movement, Skip*Hop is bringing parents an alternative to the soft crib bumper with all the same style that a traditional bumper has to offer. The Complete Sheet is a fitted sheet that sports a different pattern on the sides of the sheets than the top, simulating the look of a crib bumper, available beginning December 2011.

Baby gear trends

Move over, brown/pink and brown/blue combos — a new duo is making its mark in baby products. Grey and pink and grey and blue are new trends coloring fall baby gear and fashion for babies in 2011.

Another baby gear trend for 2011 is that baby equipment is shrinking! Worry not: baby product manufacturers are just paying closer attention to today’s parent’s needs, offering smaller, more compact baby items that fit into an apartment or simplistic lifestyle. From collapsible tubs to petite highchairs, less is more for fall.

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Baby clothing

Temperature-sensitive clothing is making a comeback in the smallest form — sleep suits and bodysuits for babies. Baby Glow gives parents visual cues to baby’s temperature by changing colors, alerting you to fever or overheating.

Baby travel gear

Similar to a luggage cart, the Britax Car Seat Travel Cart lets you leave your kiddo strapped into his car seat and still make it to the gate on time. The Travel Cart uses the seat’s LATCH connectors for secure transportation, folding flat and fitting easily into overhead compartments on most airplanes.

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Collapsible baby products

Small is the new big benefit when it comes to baby gear in 2011. The Puj Tub still tops the charts with its foam tub that stores flat but conforms to fit any sink, now greeting fall in a variety of colors.

Cool baby products

Frustrated baby on your hands? Ba by The Original Baby is designed for babies who are rearing to self-feed but can’t keep a grip on their bottles. Fits most bottles and transitions to a toy upon weaning from the bottle.

Another new bottle innovation is the Yoomi self-warming baby bottle. With a touch of a button, this bottle and bottle warmer in one is breast milk temperature-ready in one minute.

Although we would all love to pick up the top baby gear for fall 2011, when opting for hand-me-down products for babies be sure to check the latest U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s infant/child product recalls before using it on your bundle of joy.


Brand new for fall or great finds from last year, safety is the most important factor when choosing the right products for your little one.

Image credit: Skip*Hop

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