Tips to help you juggle well baby appointments while working

Oct 21, 2011 at 2:00 a.m. ET

The first 24 months of your newborn's life are filled with well baby visits, so what are working parents to do when it comes to making these important appointments? From taking turns with your partner to finding a pediatrician with weekend hours, pick up hints on how to make sure your bundle of joy makes all her medical visits.


1Take turns with your partner

Even though the thought of missing face time with your youngster's pediatrician has you crawling out of your skin, your baby is still in good hands when Daddy takes your bundle of joy to the M.D. If you're worried that Daddy will miss a question or two, send him with a list for the pediatrician to ease your mind.

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2Go into work early and book appointments late

There's no rule that says parents working full time have to take any time off of work, but having a baby may mean shifting your schedule. See if your employer will be flexible with your schedule, allowing you to come in early and leave early to take your kiddo to the pediatrician, or come in late and stay later to make these important appointments.

3Ask for a modified schedule

For parents who do not have weekdays off from their full-time work schedule, try asking your boss for an alternate schedule, such as working four 10-hour days and having one weekday off. That way, you can book appts on your day off to balance work and having a baby appointment.

4Find a pediatrician with weekend hours

You may love your pediatrician, but when his hours just don't work with your work schedule, you may have to tell him to hit the road. Finding a pediatrician with weekend hours or after hour office appointments will be worth more in the long run when trying to juggle well baby appointments while working.

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5Cash in on sick days

Many companies will allow you to use your sick days to care for a dependent so you don't have to choose between work and your bundle of joy's well baby appointment. Just be sure to verify your company's sick time policy with your Human Resources department before submitting.

Expert Tips "Well child exams before the age of two are critically important," advises James Dom Dera, M.D., FAAFP, of Ohio Family Practice Centers, Inc. "Not only are most vaccines scheduled to be given before the age of two, but these visits allow me to screen for issues with development...and deliver age appropriate anticipatory guidance."

So, when you find that you just can't balance work with all the well baby appointments having a baby brings, ask a trusted family member like your mom to take your tyke to the doctor. Although it would be ideal to be present at every appointment, even these tips to help you juggle well baby appointments while working takes some compromise -- and your baby's health should come first.

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