A fun app that lets you post puppy photos and donate to shelters in need

Cory Turner loved connecting with amazing dogs on Instagram, but thought canine lovers should have a place to go beyond simply posting their favorite photos. She wanted to give people a chance to help the animals they love so much and support dogs living in shelters. So, she started Dogly, the perfect puppy app for conscious animal lovers.

Name: Cory Turner

Company: Dogly

Year Founded: 2015

Twitter: @BeingDogly

FB: @beingdogly

Instagram: @dogly_

Website: www.dogly.com

What would you tell a woman just beginning with an entrepreneurial pursuit? Being an entrepreneur is 1,000 times harder than anyone says, but it is equally rewarding. Don’t let a low point on the start-up roller coaster keep you down. Push to get back on top and remember to take time to celebrate when you get there.

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